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 Solo Leveling (Na Honjaman Lebel-eob) is a story about Sung Jin-Wo, the weakest hunter, and his quest to become the strongest, S-Rank hunter.

Solo Leveling Episode 1 Release Date:

Solo Leveling Season 1 Episode 1 will be available on our website on 6th January, 2024!

Solo Leveling Plot:

In a world where hunters with magical powers must battle wild beasts to protect humanity from certain extinction, Sung Jinwoo, a legendary hunter, struggles to survive. One day, after narrowly surviving a dungeon so strong that it could wipe out all of his party, a mysterious program called System chose him as a single player, which in turn granted him a rare ability to increase his power level, perhaps unknown. limit Follow Zinwoo's journey as he battles a variety of enemies, both human and beast, to discover the secrets of the dungeon and the true source of his power.

Ten years ago, "The Gate" appeared, connecting the real world with the world of magic and monsters. To fight this beast, ordinary people are given magical powers and are known as "Hunters". Twenty-year-old Sung Jinwoo was one such Hunter, but even compared to an E-rank, he was known as the "Weakest in the World" because of his grief power. However, he hunted animals tirelessly in low-class Gates to pay his mother's medical bills.

However, that changes when Jin-Woo, believing he is the only person to die on the mission, wakes up in the hospital three days later to find a mysterious screen floating in front of him. This "Diary of Hope" demands that Jin-Woo complete an impossible and intense training program or face appropriate punishment. Jin-Wo, initially reluctant to give up due to the rigors of the quest, soon found that it could turn him into one of the most feared Hunters in the world.


The series began as an unpublished novel on February 14, 2014, originally ending with 14 volumes and 270 chapters.[1] It was later published in 2015 and on October 10, 2018 the novel was serialized with 270 chapters. In KAKAOPAGE, a new chapter is opened every 12 hours.

It was announced that Solo Leveling would be adapted into an anime series by A-1 Pictures at Anime Expo 2022.